How To Choose A Seminar To Attend

Many people desire to improve their lives. And the fastest way is through reading books and attending seminars. All around the globe books are written dealing with different aspects of self improvement, discoveries, new trends etc. Seminars are also organized to deal with one business opportunity or the other that you can take advantage of. Did I hear someone say but ‘I have read books and attended quite some seminars and I have nothing to really show for all the knowledge I have.’

Most times, reading a book or attending a seminar is not enough. Dr Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase says “What you know is of no value to you unless you apply it, that is, put it to practical use.

Unfortunately, this is what many people around the world, who desire to change their lives, are leaving undone. They read books and manuals, attend seminars, get ideas and tips from their mentors and acquire practically all the recommended tools for achieving success. But they fail to apply the things they learn. And they expect a miracle to happen. No, it won’t. You must apply what you know before you can see the result. Period! “

I have proof that Dr Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase is right on this.

From the time my husband and I took the decision to attend seminars at SADC, Nigeria, we had to first decide what our goal was. What do we want to do? When we had an answer, this determined the kind of seminars we wanted to attend at SADC. It determined the kind of books we read. We call this “targeted seminars” and “targeted books,’ respectively.” And we started attending this “targeted seminars.” We did not allow finances to deter us. We strategized. Today we are convinced we are moving in the right direction. We have even begun a new business that appears to have great prospects. To begin to get results from seminars you will attend henceforth do the following:

1. Ask yourself what you want to do in life? Write down your goal.

2. What kind of education do you need to achieve that goal? Write out the kind of education you may need. For instance, if you want to teach people about success, you will have to learn how to do so by reading the right kind of books, attending the appropriate seminars etc. In this case, the kind of education you would be looking for is one on how to organize seminars, how to be a successful bookseller or how to be a best selling Author. How to use screen capture. How to write an e-book. How to market your product or service e.t.c. You get the idea?

3. Check if any organization does any seminar or sell books that are related to what you have written above. Then decide how you would want to plan for these seminars or books. Write down how many seminars you can attend within a given time frame. And how many books you can purchase within a given time frame.

4. Start saving towards the seminar(s) you desire to attend. And the book(s) you want to buy. For instance, if the particular seminar you are looking at cost $200.00, you can save $2 a day towards it. And in less than four months you would have the money for the seminar. All you need is to know when the seminar will come up and start saving ahead of time. If it is free, it is for you to save your transport fare. This same method can be used towards the purchase of a book. Or any other item for that matter.

So, just start writing out the relevant seminars you need to attend for the remaining part of this year and start saving today towards attending. Is a book you desire? Then do the same.

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